The California Bible Conference (CABC) is an intensive Bible seminar prepared solely focused on the Bible and Christ, so that the word of God can restore the mission of the revivalist, middleman and priest of this time.

About CABC

CABC follows the vision and curriculum of the New York Bible Conference (NYBC), which began in 2007 as Korean youth in Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse and Albany, U.S. In addition, the Korea Young People Bible Conference (KYBC), which started in 2011, is the parent of NYBC.

The purpose of CABC is to foster a disciple of Christ by promoting spiritual revival of the Korean people living in California and the union of local churches and restoring the true gospel.

The word of God is powerful. It's vital. Through the Christians whose soul is revived and whose life is changed through the word, the community is restored, the region is changed, the country is changed, and the world is restored to the word of God.

The Bible is the word of God written by the Holy Spirit, and the entire flow of the Bible revolves around Jesus Christ. From the beginning of the Genesis to the end of the Book of John, the Bible shows the historical flow of Christ to come, the historical flow of the binding historical perspective, and the love and grace of God for us in it. We need to understand the Bible from this perspective, and in this speech we need to find Jesus Christ flowing through it. I want to discover the core of the gospel by experiencing Jesus Christ, the center of the whole Bible that leads to the Old and the New Testament. And I go on to hope for the kingdom of God that will be completed through Jesus Christ.

God made us think and dream of the resurrection of California, America, the land we live in Diaspora, and prepared us with prayers for a long time. And when the time came for the Lord to unite in his ways, he began the CABC to fulfill his purpose.

It will not be our size, but the size of God himself.

Purpose & Core Value

  • The spiritual awakening of the Korean diaspora in California, the restoration of the church, the revival of the local church, and the cultivation of the gospel workers dedicated to Jesus Christ through the preaching of the words of Jesus Christ.
  • To cultivate a resurrectional preacher for this era, true worshippers and disciples of Jesus, and a heavy servant of prayer
Core Values


2016, the 1st CABC

Theme: Word of Eternal Life, Jesus Christ (John 6:68)

Location: Pepperdine University


Rev. Seunghee Koh: John
Rev. Taehyung Ko: James & Judas
Rev. Sun Ik Kim: Levites
President Sang Myung Lee: Luke 
Rev. Yongju Jee: Judges

2017, the 2nd CABC

Theme: Logos of Light, Jesus Christ (John  8:12)

Location: Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center


Rev. Taesan Kwon: Romans
Rev Sun Ik Kim: Job
Rev. Jong Sung Nam: 1 & 2 Thessalonians
President Junseo Park: Ezekiel
Rev. Byungjoo Song: Jonah

2018, the 3rd CABC

Theme: Gate of Salvation, Jesus Christ (John 10:9)

Location: Azusa Pacific University


Rev. Seunghee Ko: Hosea
Rev. Hanyo Kim: Joshua
Rev. Jongkey Min: Amos
Rev. Seungkun Park: Ephesians
President. Sangmyoung Lee: Galatians

2019, the 4th CABC

Theme: The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ (John 10:9)

Location: Azusa Pacific University


Rev. Hyukbin Kwon: Revelations
Rev. Sunil Kim: 12 Books of Prophecies
Rev. Sunghwan Kim: Genesis
Rev. Wojun Kim: 1 John
President. Jungwoo Baek: Luth